ChampCash (Earn Money Free) – Today We are Going to Share a FREE Recharge and Real Cash Earning Old App, Called ChampCash. Make Sure almost everyone Know about the App and I am Pretty Sure everyone feel boring to make money or Earn FREE Recharge with this App  But the main thing is that the ChampCash is pay much higher then other Free Recharge or Real Cash Earning App. Normally there are apps like mcent, ladooo etc where you simply start referring your friends in one go and start earning money but in this app – CHAMPCASH, its difficult to start with but once you start, there is no looking behind. You will earn a lot of money & You Can Redeem your Money Not Only Recharge but also as Real Cash in your Bank Account. Just give a try see result.  

Note – It is not necessary that you will get the below mentioned amount on referring. Amounts may differ !!

In this app, you earn not just for your straight referrals but also you get money for those people who are being referred by your referral. Let’s understand more below –

For example – I CouponBies.iN person A and you are person B. Suppose you use my referral in app and then you will be required to install 5-6 apps . These apps carry a commission of 1.39$ (Rs 88).


ChampCash App trick : November 2017 – ChampCash Offering $1 Joining Bonus {Rs 67 in indian Rupee} + Unlimited Earn On Refer your friends

  ChampCash Loot : Get $1 Joining {Rs 67}   

Follow Step :-

  • Firstly Download ChampCash App here
  • Install & Open The App
  • Click on Sign Up with Champcash”
  • Now fill all the details on Signup Page carefully and correctly.
  • Use Referral Id – 2038101
  • Now click on “ACCEPT”
  • Now you will be asked to install 5-6 different apps.
  • This is the most important step. You must install the apps carefully. Click on “Install” >> You will be redirected to the playstore >> Now download the app >> Install it and Open it for 1 minute.
  • We know this is boring and after installing 1-2 apps you will think leave it.{ I Also Uninstall this in This Step 2 time & This is Last and finnal time } But it would just mean that you don’t want to earn. If you want to earn, complete it.
  • During Complete this task Don’t uninstall any App

Remember – “You can’t earn money without hard work” but in this app it is just one time’s hard work !!

  • Caution – We strongly advice to open the app for more than 1 minute else you won’t be allowed to take part in this program.
  • Well after you install all the apps, you will get the final message – Great


  • Now Click on “START”
  • Go to “Invite and Earn” and start referring your friends. You can also simply share your referral id with your friends and ask them to use it in Step 4 mentioned above.
  • If any of your friend clicks on your link and completes the challenge of installing 5 apps, you will instantly get your payment
  • Ask all your friends to complete all the steps to earn unlimited.



Benefits of Joining Champcash

  1. Earn Millions by just installing some apps
  2. Redeem your earned money via Paypal, Mobile Recharge and E-Gift Cards
  3. You can do Mobile Recharge of any country
  4. System is 100% free to use
  5. Refer your friends and start earning immediately

ChampCash Referral Commission Type :-



What happens to this commission ?


  • Well this commission is being earned by CHAMPCASH team but they will distribute it. Well not to you. So you would be asking what was your benefit of installing the 5-6 apps and wasting your time and internet data. Keep patience friends and read this whole thread carefully.
  • These Rs 88 are distributed to those people who referred you. Rs 44 (50%) will go to that person who referred you directly ( In this case its us if you use our referral ) . Now there is someone who referred me . He is called “LEVEL 2” person. He will get 10% i.e Rs 8.8 . Now this Level 2 person is referred by some other one called “Level 3”. He gets Rs 8.8 also .
  • Similarly Level 4, Level 5 people get Rs 8.8 each and the last person Level 6 and 7 get 5% i.e Rs 4.4.


     ChampCash Payout Type :-     

  • Minimum Payout first time $10
  • Flipkart Voucher Minimum redeem amount $9
  • Bank Transfer Minimum $50
  • Minimum Recharge amount Redeem amount Rs 10 Only