Get Rs 1000 FREE PayTM Cash (WhatsApp Scam) : Yes, it’s 100% Fake. Taking Advantages of Demonetization and Cashless transaction in India Scammers are making huge money from it, Because all of our Indian Citizen are going to make all transaction online through ATM, Wallet or Other Card and they don’t have knowledge about those Scam. So, We are just trying to save you from those Scam

Get Rs 1000 FREE PayTM Cash from Prime Minister Sh Narendra Modi

It is another Biggest Scan Running in Indian Social media . After Demonetization of Rs 500 or Rs 1000 Note ban in India. The only aim of us is to protect you people from wasting your time and more importantly protecting you from providing your information like Mobile number, E-Mail ID to these scam websites which later will be used to spam your mobile inbox and e-mail inbox with unrelated messages.

Our Prime Minister try to make Cashless India and Propose everyone to make all transaction online through ATM, Online Wallet like PayTM, FreeCharge, Mobikwik etc. It’s true But Rs 1000 FREE PayTM Cash it’s 100% Fake


How to Get Rs 1000 FREE PayTM Cash ?

It’s 100% Fake Please ignore it

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What is the exact message ?

The exact wordings of the message that is being circulated consistently on social media is as follows –

” Free Paytm Cash! (Rs.1000)
Click : 👉🏻

If You Found this Type of Message in WhatsApp or Facebook please ignore it and Share this post with friends to Save your friends circle from Scams


Reasons why (Rs 1000 FREE PayTM Cash Offer) is fake/scam :

1] You really think that some one giving Rs.1000 Paytm cash for just Entering Mobile number

2] No Customer Ratting available & No Feedback

3] Even if Amazon wants to giveaway then they will do it professionally on their own website through some contest like treasure hunt or sweepstakes and not on some unknown domain like

4] No Contact Us Page found

5] Have a look at the URL of the website, A simple understanding that it is a fake website is by looking into it’s URL.

6] If you are still not satisfied, just open the link and have a look at the homepage or the entire website. As you see in the above image which is the homepage of that particular website is completely pixelated. A proper or a professional or a genuine website won’t use pixelated images which is unprofessional.

7] In the image, it is shown that Mr.Narendra Modi has tweeted “I am thankful to everyone for supporting……and so on” which is the funniest part of this entire website. 1) He didn’t tweet anything like that (You can check his twitter handle @narendramodi), 2) Why would the Prime Minister tweet something like this, that indirectly shows the support towards a particular private company?

8] If you’re still not satisfied, head on to and you can see the website was only Registered on 15.12.2016 (Yesterday). You can also see many information about a proper website like Traffic, rank of the website and many more which this particular scam website does not have.


Why these websites?

It’s the same simple answer. They collect the details that you enter in their website and use it for spamming unrelated e-mails and messages to your inbox and also to gain traffic to their website. In this case, they are asking for the Mobile number, so once you enter your number, within few days you will start receiving useless messages to your mobile number.

1] The answer is pretty simple – To get people’s personal data & to get traffic on their website.
2] Now the decision is yours – Do you want to be scam-smart and ignore not only this campaign but also others like these or still participate and waste your time.
3] Thanks people for reading the article. I hope it was helpful. Also please share it with others and make them aware as “The first step towards change is awareness”.
4] Domain Redirect to Other Blog


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