, PM Modi Giving Free Smartphone, Modi Ji Free Smartphone Scheme, Modi Giving Free Smartphone to Every Indian, फ्री स्मार्टफोन वितरण योजना 2017, Modi Smartphone distribution Scheme : Today I saw a Facebook post where website Claim that Indian PM Sri Narendra Giving Free Smartphone to Every Indian. Not only in Facebook but also it’s Trending on WhatsApp. If you want know the real fact about this Modi Free Smartphone Vitron Yojana 2017 then read the full article

PM Modi Ji Free Smartphone Distribution Scheme 2017

Free Modi Smartphone news is being viral day by day on Social Media Like Facebook & WhatsApp. A few days ago, a piece of news was revealed on social media that PM Modi would provide free laptop under the Modi Free Laptop Distribution Scheme 2017. and Now PM Modi Free Smartphone After getting this news, everybody will try to get Modi free Smartphone. Also, some peoples will look for booking & online registration. But it is spam message on social media or the internet. This news is revealed on this On this web page, they have claimed that  Modi Ji will give Namo brand Smartphone for free

Modi free smartphone order com

Modi Free Laptop Scheme 2017

After Clicking this link you redirect to this page now scroll down Now you need  to Enter your Name,select your State & Choose your Smartphone Brand after fill this you will click on next option. Now on next step you will see like below,

PM Modi Giving Free Smartphone

According to them,  you will get fee Smartphone by following some steps. There are three phases which you need to fill. After that, you can do registration & booking for this laptop.

PM Modi Giving Free Smartphone

To get this free Smartphone, you have to share your information such as name, state, etc. After that, a message will appear which shows

  • 1. अपना स्मार्टफोन बुक करने के लिए 12 मित्रों या ग्रुप के लोगों को INVITE करे.
  • 2. फिर ORDER SMARTPHONE पर क्लिक करके अपना पूरा एड्रेस डाले.

>>Order Free Modi Smartphone<<

Warning: Do not fill up it and stay away from this type of scam. The website as mentioned above is a non-Government individual. PM Modi will not offer any free laptop under the Vitran Yojana 2017. So do not support this type of fraud site.

Note: We are not promoting any fraud site. We just want to alert you & save you from those Scam


What is the Exact Message of Modi free Smartphone Vitran Yojna 2017 –

The Message is circulated in Social media are as follows,

Visit 👉

मोदी सरकार की तरफ से सभी भारतीय यूजर्स को बिलकुल फ्री में मोबाईल वितरण किये जा रहे है, जल्दी बुक करें ⤵
Visit 👉
सभी मोबाईल 1 जुलाई 2017 तक वितरण किये जायेगें।

Online Register for Free Modi Laptop

Note: We are not promoting any fraud site. We just want to alert you & save you from those Scam… Please Share this Post as much as you Can If you Care Modi Smartphone (SCAM) PM Modi Giving Free Smartphone

Modi Ji Free Laptop

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