sale.amaᴢ ,, Amazon Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 Open Sale, Amazon Great Indian Mobile Sale, Redmi Note 4 @ 499rs,  Http://, , Buy amazon Redmi Note 4 @ Rs 499, Redmi Note 4 at Rs 499 : Xiaomi one of famous Brand in India for there blackship  Phone, Redmi 3S, 3S Prime and Newly Launched Redmi Note 4 most demanded phone in India. Today I got WhatsApp Message and Facebook post too, Where they are Offering Redmi Note 4 worth Rs.13999 at Rs.499 (flat 97% OFF) Only. Read full post to know more

sale.amaᴢ Offer – Buy Redmi Note 4 at Rs.499 Only

Here is biggest Social media SCAM become viral everywhere. You will find a Message on Social Media where they Say that, Amazon Giving Redmi Note 4 at Rs.499 only. In this post we want to alert you that it’s 100% Fake.

We alerted you about all Scam alerts offer and now a similar message is now doing this rounds on social media especially Whatsapp. Although, it might be irritating.

sale.amaᴢ fake Redmi Note 4 @ 499Rs Sale

Note – We just post this to informed you about this scams & help you to protect your self. So don’t try this offers.

RequestYou would have seen that we usually don’t ask users to share any of our deals but such kind of posts which are essential for creating awareness must be shared. So make sure, you don’t keep this useful info limited to yourself and share it with everyone you know.

Exact message sale.amaᴢ Redmi Note 4 @ 499 Sale ?

The exact wordings of the message that is being circulated consistently on social media is as follows –

*Amazon Great Indian Mobile Sale*

*अमेज़ॉन दे रहा है। Redmi Note 4 (64GB ROM 4GB RAM) मात्र 499₹ में*


*इस ऑफर के तहत Amazon Redmi Note 4 पर 97% तक छुट दे रहा है*

*Visit Here* ➡ |

*(Offer valid for Limited Period)*

*(अब तक 50000 से अधिक उपभोक्ता इस ऑफर का लाभ उठा चुके है।)*


Like all the other similar scams which we have reported this one also makes you install sponsored apps. These apps can be Malwares which can harm your phone and use your contacts and other information from your phone.

Proof of Redmi Note 4 fake Sale Spam on Social Media :-

WhatsApp ◀

After you click on “Buy Now” and “Proceed to Checkout” >> You will be asked to share the message with 8 friends or whatsapp groups and you will be surprised to know that you can just click on Share and then you will be taken to Whatsapp and you can then press back button without actually sharing in any group and it will be counted as 1 successful share

Facebook ◀


Reasons that we call it fake/scam –

  1. Do you really think amazon start new website to give offer
  2. Even if Amazon wants to Offer then they will do it professionally on their own website, not on some unknown domain like
  3. No Other Product Abailable / No Sign Up Page – No Log in Page
  4. The Torento Seller is Having 516,350 ratings
  5. No Contact Us Page found / No other Product available
  6. There are Numerous Other Reasons that can Prove it is Fake But I Think these hope Reasons can Satisfy you.

What to learn from this Post ?

This is the only message about Scam.

Reason Behind those Scam ?

  1. The answer is pretty simple – To get people’s personal data & to get traffic on their website.
  2. Now the decision is yours – Do you want to be scam-smart and ignore not only this campaign but also others like these or still participate and waste your time/
  3. Thanks people for reading the article. I hope it was helpful. Also please share it with others and make them aware as “The first step towards change is awareness”.
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Any Query Regarding Any other Promotion ? Don’t Hesitate to Comment Below. We are here to Help you Regarding this.


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